My Work From Home Experience

by Briceyda Cuadros, updated April 27, 2020 

Have you been required to work from home recently? How fun right!? You get to spend some time with your kids, catch up on a few things at home, wake up late.. Etc. All of these things
sound great and can be great as long as you balance them out. If you are a person who is used to working in an office all week, this will probably take some time to get a hang of.

I have been so used to having my work space in the office and working from home has definitely been a challenge for me. While working from home every once in a while can be a luxury for
some, for others it may be more distracting. Think about it, are you more productive in your home office or the office office?

Here are five tips that have helped me be just as productive working from home as I am working in an office.

  1. Start your day early. Believe it or not starting your day early will help you have a more productive day and lots more done! Starting on a project early will help you progress on
    it gradually throughout the day. It is easy to “sleep in” and wake up 10 minutes before your clock in time but that will also make you feel sluggish and you will probably end up
    starting your day later than you would if you were in the actual office.
  2. Get out of the house/take breaks. It can be so easy to get distracted on your work that you forget to take breaks. It is important that you take at least a 5 minute break every
    now and then to help you clear your mind and recharge.

    I love going out for a run or walk during my break. It helps me feel more relaxed when I get back. I also give my eyes a break from the computer screen which is a big plus!

  3. Have a dedicated work space. It is important that you have your own work space during working hours. Whether it is a home office or simply a desk set up somewhere in
    your house where you can be comfortable while working.

    I started working on the floor because I didn’t have a desk or work space set up at home. I said to myself, “what’s one week”? Well, three days in, my back was not having it. Eventually and thankfully my husband set up a desk for me in the living room and here I am, typing this six weeks later.

  4. Set rules with people in your space. Make sure they know that when you are working, you have to get things done and you aren’t just “hanging out at home”. If there are
    children in the house, make sure they understand what they can and cannot do.

    I have a two-year-old and I swear, every time the phone rings I am scared to answer it because I never know what’s going to come out of her mouth. I have to give her a death stare and even then you’ll hear “mom’’ about five times in the background!

  5. Save chores for free time. You’d think that working from home you can catch up on house chores, laundry etc. Probably the easiest chore to do while on the clock is laundry. I mean, how easy is it to just throw clothes in the washer and get back to work, right? Well, it’s best to leave the other chores alone until you have some actual free time. If you decide to “quickly” clean while taking a five minute break, that’s not going to happen. You will take longer and you’ll lose valuable work time.

I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me. Till next time!