Easy Decorating Tips

By Breanna Derricotte, updated September 21, 2020

Making your space look and feel like your own is a pretty hectic task. Especially if you want to do it safely without putting holes and dents in the walls. There are many ways you can make your space feel nice and homey without overdoing it.

My personal favorite are house plants. House plants are a simple touch that can go a long way. The best thing about house pants is they are available in real and plastic. Real plants are a little more work but the smell, texture and freshness that they can bring to the room is well worth it. Plastic plants offer the same great look without the work of trying to keep the plant alive.

Another easy way to add some personal touches to your space is to hang pictures. I know what you’re thinking, who wants to nail pictures up? Do I even own a hammer and nails? Command strips make this process much easier. You will be able to find them in any office supplies store as well as your local grocery store. It may be one of the simplest things in your life. Just simply place the command strip where you want to hang the picture and pull the top level off of the top and place your picture.

A color scheme can go a long way in an area. Choosing and sticking with a color scheme can make your space comfy and cozy. Try matching your bedspread and curtain together to create the perfect color combo. A small desk lamp that matches will set the room off perfectly. Set it off with a nice rug that will be sure to stand out from the carpet.

I hope these tips will help you to make your space special and your own little world. Just don’t forget to come out every once in a while!


5 Tips To Be The Best Roommate Ever!

5 Tips To Be The Best Roommate Ever!

By Briceyda Cuadros, updated July 7, 2020

Living with a roommate is great, but it’s not always easy. We’ve been fighting with roommates since we were kids and our roommates were our siblings and parents. But now that you’re an adult, there are plenty of ways to get along better with your roommate, and I’ve got 5 tips for you:

  • Communicate Intentionally & Effectively: Now that you’re in college, you’re expected to act like an adult. So, when there’s a conflict between you and your roommate, be mature and calmly start a conversation about it. Don’t be passive aggressive.
  • Don’t Act Like You Own The Place: It’s as much their apartment as it is yours. Before making big decisions for the place, like moving around the furniture, consult with your roomie first and find a compromise that suits both of your needs.
  • Be Reasonable About Guests: You and your roommate should both be allowed to have guests over, whether just to hang out or to spend the night. To avoid drama, text or talk to your roommate ahead of time to see if he/she is okay with you having guests over. Have your visitors over at a reasonable time, not when he/she is going to bed or studying for a major test.
  • Clean Up After Yourself: Nobody likes to live in a room littered with dirty dishes, overflowing garbage cans, or laundry all over the floor. It’s totally understandable to put off washing your dishes when you have a huge exam the next day, but make sure your mess doesn’t stay there too long. Not only can it be annoying for your roommate, but it’s gross too!
  • Respect Each Other’s Privacy: While it might sound like a no-brainer, don’t borrow your roommate’s stuff without asking! Later on in the semester, you and your roommate might decide to start sharing clothes and food. But until you talk about it, borrowing each other’s stuff is off limits!

Living with other people can be frustrating, yet an amazing experience. You will end up learning a lot about yourself if you approach it with an open-mind. Be considerate and forgiving that people are different, and be flexible for change.

College Survival Tips

by Stephanie Lopez, updated June 24, 2020

Most adults look back at their college years as the best of their lives. You may wonder how being exhausted and (for the majority) broke result in the best years of your life? While you may not know it now, these years will shape your future and I am not referring to just career prospects.  The friendships you make, the habits you adopt, and the passions you find all allow you to step outside of your comfort zone and discover yourself.

My first two years of college were about letting go. I have always been a bookworm and would hate going out during high school. In college, you should say YES to opportunities, to new friendships, and to new experiences. You may think you know how you want your life to turn out or you may have planned every little detail about it, but soon you will find that life has many twists. You may hear it all the time, but it is true that you should say yes and take advantage of all the resources and opportunities you have in college. 

Do not be afraid of mistakes and do not be afraid to express yourself. Use this time wisely to get to know yourself. We all wish to thrive in the future by doing something we are good at and love doing. Use this time to find your passion. Be unapologetically you. Something that you never would have thought would be for you might become your purpose. Take classes outside of your field! It can be creative writing or women’s studies and you may find yourself discovering a new talent, new insights or meeting awesome like-minded individuals. 

All of the time you will spend busy might result in you not contacting your family as often as you wish. But always make some time for them. Your family will miss you even when they do not say it. Make sure you give them a call or write to them as often as you can. If you have family members that went to college, take advantage of it! Ask them many questions about regrets they had or the best decisions they took during their college stay. While their experience will be different than yours, use their wisdom to your advantage and listen to their advice.

I hope these tips will help you! Make sure you have fun, study hard, and take full advantage of the privilege to attend college.